30 Mei 2008


When President Gamal Abdul Nasser of the United Arab Republic (Egypt) visited New Delhi for A mini – aligned conference in October 1996, he was invited to a reception by the Delhi Corporation.

Accompanied by Prime minister Indira Gandhi, President Nasser arrived at the reception.

As they were about to sit down, the naval band began to play the Egyptian national anthem. All of us, including the Prime Minister, stood up but the president remained seated. Later on we came to know that the band had played the national anthem of King Farouk’s Egypt.

A furious prime minister wanted to sack on the spot all those responsible for the diplomatic gaffe and as the Indian ambassdor to Cairo, I expected instant dismissal. But President Nasser saved us. “Madan, do not worry,” he told Indira Gandhi. “When I visited Indira during your father’s time in 1956, they played the same national anthem for me.”

(Mimbar, Mei 2008)

Semoga aja Bahasa Inggrisku tidak makin parah. Amiiin...

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